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Kayak Shuttles

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  • loading kayaks
  • loading the boat
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  • launching off the boat
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  • kayak camping
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  • diver and paddlers
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We run charters 7 days a week!

Diver's Dream Charters will shuttle your kayak for you to the put-in of your choice, let you kayak around the Canal, then pick you up and bring you back to Pleasant Harbor. There is plenty of deck space and room above the cabin to store kayaks. For a very special trip, consider bringing your kayak or dive kayak along with your scuba gear!

We can comfortably transport up to 13 kayaks. We provide coffee, and hot water for tea, cider or cocoa is also available. Bring along any specialty foods or drinks (such as juice, water bottles or soda pop) you may want.

Lu Jac's Quest has plenty of storage in the hold for all your gear, and we have a dingy to help shuttle your camp gear to shore.

William Prichard, Hole in the Wall Paddle Club, offers this advice for preparing for a Lu-Jac's Quest kayak adventure:

   Paddling Equipment: Kayak, paddle, spray skirt, personal flotation device (PFD), flotation bags if your kayak doesn't have bulkheads, whistle or air horn, bailer/pump, wet/dry suit
   Kayak Prep: Your kayaks should be completely empty except for flotation for ease of loading onto the mother ship. Bring padding (towels or carpet scraps) for use in protecting your kayak from bumps during loading and transport .
  Loading and unloading: All non-kayak-gear will be loaded into the hold first. Keep with you your PFD, paddle, and any personal items and snacks.
  Kayaks will be loaded last. Please help move gear from parking lot to boat for loading.

Check our Contact and Directions page for driving directions to the boat.

Give us a call at (360) 202-0076 (cell), or email us for reservations and more information.