Diver's Dream Charters, Inc.

Video of a scuba diving charter

Mark Adams, of WoodCar Films, shot underwater video on a dive, then followed the boat back to the marina recording from a drone. The dive was on 9/18/2016 and it was a beautiful day in the San Juans, out of Anacortes. The underwater views are from the west end of Long Island in San Juan Channel- Cattle Pass. This is the only place in the San Juans where we have documented a large strawberry anemone population. Van Ford of Orca Scuba Center brought the group over from Wenatchee.

Lu-Jac's Quest charter boat, underwater and drone video by Mark Adams, WoodCar Films.

 Lu-Jac's Quest returns to the marina after a great day out diving (all photos copyright Mark Adams):

returning from dive

return to Anacortes

heading back to town

entering the marina

back at the dock